How to Manage Your Pictures

Picture Resizing

How many times have you tried to upload a picture and then you get an error indicating that your picture was not the correct size?  With this Picture Resizing tool, you can now fix this easily.

PicMoney is an online editing site that has the ability to edit your photo and allow you to download at a high resolution.  They offer a free trial as well.


Free Images

Obtaining images online can be a tricky process.  One of my agents completed a Pay it Forward blog and did not use the free site that I recommended in class.  A few months later, he received a bill from the company for the use of the picture that he embedded in his blog.  Be sure you are using original content, your own pictures or your own designs.  Or be sure to use a site that offers FREE images and read the fine-print, as you may need to give the site credit when using their images.  In any event, here is a site that offers images for you to use.  Here are a few sites for you to explore.  Use at your own risk: – Zero cost royalty free images – Tons of images here!
morgueFile – Another great free stock image site
iStockPhoto – You have to pay here but still some great photos
BigStockPhoto – Similar to iStockPhoto

Smashing Magazine  is amazing: Go there and type in “free graphics” or “free icons” and you’ll get lots of downloadable packs completely for free!



Need to transfer documents to clients and the information is too big for email?  Consider DropBox.




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How to Convert a PDF File to An Image

PDF Converter

How can you use this tool?  Ever have a flyer that you wanted to embed and perhaps even manipulate the code using Photobucket to link your website to the PDF file?  This service allows you to convert your PDF to a JPEG.  Upload the JPEG to Photobucket and manipulate the code to link your website.


PhotobucketPDF Convertor




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How to Monitor Your Online Traffic

Traffic Monitoring


This website has simplified the process of helping me understand who is visiting, what keywords they found me under and other information to help me improve my site and/or blogs.  You do need to open an account and while they indicate it is free, they will try to up sell you to the paid version of their service.


Why is knowing who is visiting your site important?  Consider this; if a keyword term is working in getting visitors to your blog or to your site, then you may want to use that Keyword Term more often to drive more visitors to your site.How to Monitor Your Online Traffic

Try to include social media links on these blogs or pages of your website, so if your visitor likes your comments, they will want to share and then you can get your message out there to a much bigger audience.

Writing original content that provides value is an important aspect of your blogging.  Consumers want to understand what is happening in the real estate industry, as, in my opinion, many consumers are not trusting the news media as they have in the past.  The general population knows that negative information increases ratings and not all bad news is true.  Our job, as being professionals in the real estate industry, needs to share information with our viewers that provides value as well as a being true indicator of the real facts.  Our options, however, also matter, so be sure to add your thoughts on the subject.

Provide links to your site in the event your visitor wants to learn more about you and your company.  And of course, if they need your services as a real estate professional, that’s even better.

Real Estate professionals offer information to help the consumers make informed decisions.  Blog about real estate.  There is plenty to talk about.


Open Site Explorer

Want to check your Page Ranking and Links to your website?  Use this tool to learn more about how your website is performing on the World-Wide Web.

Use this free service to help you learn more about your Page Ranking and your links to your site.

Linking Site

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Blogging and Posting to Social Sites Automatically

How would you like to Blog and Post to your social networks automatically?  If you use WordPress, you have the option of installing Jetpack.  And when you install Jetpack, one of the services is called Publicize.
JetPack For WordPress


Here are some pointers to help you use the service:

  • Saving a post as a Draft will not publicize it.
  • Static pages will not be publicized.
  • When you add new connections, you have the option to decide whether it will be available to just your account or all of the other users on the blog as well. To make the connection available to everyone, just check the prompt for that at the time you add the connection.
  • When making a connection available to all users of a blog, the only thing any other user on your site can do is post to the social network. They do not have access to do anything else such as getting access to the social network account directly.

Activate Publicize within your Jetpack, choose your settings

  1. Go to Settings → Sharing in your  dashboard;
  2. Click on “Connect” next to the Social Network you want to connect to;
  3. Log in to that Social Network site and authorize the connection.

Once you’ve approved a connection to any of the services available, you’ll see a Publicize section in the Publish box on your post writing screen each time you write a new post.

And then when you blog, it will show you where your post will post to.

Setting up Publicize

To learn more, visit Publicize directly.



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