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How to Monitor Your Online Traffic

Traffic Monitoring


This website has simplified the process of helping me understand who is visiting, what keywords they found me under and other information to help me improve my site and/or blogs.  You do need to open an account and while they indicate it is free, they will try to up sell you to the paid version of their service.


Why is knowing who is visiting your site important?  Consider this; if a keyword term is working in getting visitors to your blog or to your site, then you may want to use that Keyword Term more often to drive more visitors to your site.How to Monitor Your Online Traffic

Try to include social media links on these blogs or pages of your website, so if your visitor likes your comments, they will want to share and then you can get your message out there to a much bigger audience.

Writing original content that provides value is an important aspect of your blogging.  Consumers want to understand what is happening in the real estate industry, as, in my opinion, many consumers are not trusting the news media as they have in the past.  The general population knows that negative information increases ratings and not all bad news is true.  Our job, as being professionals in the real estate industry, needs to share information with our viewers that provides value as well as a being true indicator of the real facts.  Our options, however, also matter, so be sure to add your thoughts on the subject.

Provide links to your site in the event your visitor wants to learn more about you and your company.  And of course, if they need your services as a real estate professional, that’s even better.

Real Estate professionals offer information to help the consumers make informed decisions.  Blog about real estate.  There is plenty to talk about.


Open Site Explorer

Want to check your Page Ranking and Links to your website?  Use this tool to learn more about how your website is performing on the World-Wide Web.

Use this free service to help you learn more about your Page Ranking and your links to your site.

Linking Site

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Tools To Get You Found on Google

Google Tools

Here are a few Google Tools that I use quite often and recommend for your use.  They are free tools that you can access online.  Google is not the only source for free tools, as you will discover as  you explore our site.


Posting Your URL So it Can Be Found

So you just wrote your blog or added information to one of your pages on your website and you want to get that information updated on the search engines.  This free tool will help you accomplish your goal.

There is PingFarm and you should also post your URL directly to Google.

Google Drive


This video explains it well.


Google Drive


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Blogging Tools

Article Spinning is used by bloggers to take content online and have it “spinned” to change it and then post that new article on their blog.  While I advocate writing your own unique content, this tool can be useful when you are trying to optimize a particular Keyword Term.  You can use your own blog that your wrote, let’s say on your FARM area.  You can spin your own article, using the same Keyword Term and blog that article in a different format online.

This service used to be a paid service only, so having a free tool is a nice time-saver.

Best Free Spinner Tool


Article Spinning



Duplicate Content Locator

You are blogging and writing unique content.  Do you want to see if anyone is copying your information?  This site does a search online to see if there are any duplications online.    While you can Article Spin, copying text word for word may not help in the Google Rankings when using Blogging techniques with Area of Expertise, Community Blogging or Paying it Forward Blogging.  Use this tool to see check content for duplication on the web.



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3 Blogging Tools to Help Your Real Estate Business

Blogging is a great tool for you to add to your real estate business.  The different Blogging strategies that you will learn in the Power of Google Marketing Plan will help you develop your online presence and  each Blogging strategy has their own unique goals and benefits:

Property Blogging–   Imagine sharing with your potential seller that you have the ability to Virtual Tour their home to over 300,000 real estate professionals nationwide?  Do you feel this will bring value to your Listing Presentation?  Your Virtual Tour can even be found world-wide, as real estate is no longer just a local venture.  Learn how to create a spectacular blogging presentation.


Brand Blogging–  This Blogging strategy allows you to talk about your industry….the industry of real estate.  Thus building your real estate brand.  Getting information to help you with your writing seems to be the biggest challenge to Realtors.  Using various different methods to assist you in gathering information to allow your creative juices flowing is essential.

View this short video for great tips.

Some tools you may want to consider are:
Google Alerts–  when using Google Alerts, you can set up a search on Google that any time a certain phrase is written on the world-wide-web, you’ll be notified via email.  I would recommend that you set up a separate email for this task and then when you are ready to blog, you go to your source of information, read what’s happening on the web in the related subject and write your blog.

KCM Blog–  This is blog site that is all about real estate.  While you are able to re-blog their information, they also offer a paid membership that allows certain benefits.  This may be a great tool for you to add to your toolbox.

The National Association of Realtors also offers free information to assist  you with your blogging strategies.  All you need to do is sign up for this free service.  Use this information to create blogs and then have those blogs automatically be shared on  your social sites.  Be known as an expert of your field.
Karen Jones introduces NAR Blog Info

Community Blogging–  Using Google alerts may be a great tool for finding out what is happening in your particular farming area or community that you are marketing to.  Just imagine, as news hits the web, you can blog about it.

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