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9 Tips for Headlines that Capture Attention

Karen Jones, Marketing CoachHeadlines are used in just about every aspect of marketing, such as blogs, emails, landing pages, postcards or webpages. An irresistible headline is the lure that gets you noticed and read.

It’s known that the average the consumer will scan headlines prior to reading the article itself, therefore headlines are extremely important when writing and getting noticed. Think of your own habits when scanning over your emails and junk mail that you receive everyday.

Creating Headlines that allows your prospects to read on is the whole goal. So…. to help you with your goal of writing an intriguing Headline, here are 9 tips to help you get noticed:

  1. Use numbers: Odd numbers seem to catch the most attention. Take a look around and start noticing what you see in magazines, mailers, etc. The more obscure the number the better. “13 Steps in Preparing the Sale of Your Home.” or “The 3 Most Important Steps When Buying a Home.”
  2. Using Adjectives: Describe what the body offers with a promising adjective. “Essential, Affordable, Basic, One-of-a-Kind, Exclusive.” You can use these terms with listings or to attract sellers or buyers. Example: “An Essential Guide for Anyone Planning on Buying a Home.”
  3. Make a Strong Promise: What homeowner doesn’t want to know this kind of information. “How to Sell Your Own Home in Less than 37 Hours?” You and I both know the answer…does the homeowner?
  4. Headlines that Start with the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Why, Where and even How is information that provides knowledge. “Why Sellers End Up Frustrated When Selling Their Own Home.”
  5. Make Lists: Readers love lists of reasons, steps, ways, tips, tricks, secrets, ideas, techniques, strategies, facts, methods, even statistics. Example: “Request this Checklist for 15 Tips in Selling Your Home.”
  6. Value Marketing: You know how I feel about this one. Providing value will keep your readers reading. And when they are ready to move forward, you’ll be Top of Mind, as you have kept information flowing to them. A good headline often answers the question: “What’s in it for me?”
  7. Education: Another part of Value Marketing. Include words such as “Guide”, “101” “First Time” “Complete”. This will help provide assurance to your reader that the information will be in terms that they will understand.
  8. Use the word YOU: When you write, keep the “I” out of the sentence and make it all about them. You make an immediate connection with your reader when you write in the 2nd person. “3 Tips in Buying a Home” to “3 Tips that You Need to When Buying a Home”. Do you feel the difference?
  9. Start with a Verb: Your headline is an invitation to read on….so “Grab This Deal Before It’s Gone.”


You put a lot of effort when creating your Marketing pieces, so be sure you’re grabbing the prospects attention from the very start.


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